Monday, January 28, 2008

Little babies

After seeing so many blogs this Christmas I've been inspired to make one for our family. Hopefully I can keep up with it!! We've been a little busy lately, new babies take a lot of extra time, of course I love holding him, it's been too long since we had a baby in the house so I am enjoying every minute. Benjamin is growing so quickly, he is almost 4 weeks old...that's what happens when you are in and out of the dr's constantly-time flies too fast. He's had some breathing problems from a bad cold-thus all the dr's visits, but we are thankful it isn't worse-no RSV. But still no fun for the little guy-or the rest of us who are getting no sleep.

Things I love about new babies:

Baby smell-you know you all love it too!
The way he brings his arms into his chest, fists balled up when he is getting comfortable
All the grunts when he is eating, as if he hasn't eaten his whole life and it is the best food he's ever tasted
When he snuggles close the minute you pick him up
The way his little legs are still pulled up into his body from being like that in the womb
sweet little cries
The joy on everyone's face when he is around

You know your baby is loved when you notice dirt on his face but find it is instead chocolate pudding from big sister kisses