Monday, June 14, 2010

Olympic Peninsula

For memorial day weekend we decided to take a trip to the Olympic peninsula and do some short hikes in the national forest. It was a rainy grey weekend, but we got lucky and didn't get soaked. We even had beautiful sunshine for our drive home and stop in Olympia. The Peninsula is very beautiful, and there was so much to do. We started at Rialto Beach

Then we headed to the Hall of Mosses to hike

Of course we had to stop in Forks and get our picture with "bella's" truck
The girls really wanted to buy a honk if you love vampires time!
Sol Duc Falls

We played in the snow at the top of hurricane ridge
This is just one of the many animals we saw as we were driving. This is about 2 ft from our car.

Last we stopped in Olympia to see the capital and drive around to where Dave lived in Jr High and High School. Our month of may has been pretty eventful. Mr Destructive struck again, shattering the glass in the french doors of Dave's office. Well one of the french doors. So my life has consisted of lots of mess cleanup lately. Today is the last full day of school for the kids, and 5th grade graduation. I am looking forward to summer, the relaxing of schedules and having the kids around more often.