Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Love Seattle

We made a quick trip up to Seattle last week. Dave had a class and board meeting in Bellevue so the kids got to skip a little school and spend time with the grandparents. It was definitely a long day, 5 am report to the car for a 3 hour drive, 8pm pick up dad again in our pj's for the long drive home. But with a few stops for bribary (McDonald's playland on the way up, Wendy's frosty on the way down) the kids were well behaved and we had a fun visit with the Seattle Kellers.

The kids have been wanting to visit the Aquarium since last summer and this was a much talked about event, especially for Isabella. She was so excited, she told all her friends and all her neighbors how much they would miss her on Friday because she would be at the aquarium in Seattle. We even had to call Gabby twice to talk about it.
Look Look
The touch tank
Savannah, Isabella, David, Melissa

Big D
Melissa & Bella

look look

Can you tell my girls love to pose for pictures??

Ben really wants to go swimming...but the Sound is too cold!

A picnic on the waterfront
The beautiful olympic mountains
And a fun carousel ride end the fun day

Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Easter Fun

We made Egg cakes to frost for our family Easter Dinner at Grandma's
Coloring our eggs, everyone has their own technique

Some of the masterpieces

The Easter Bunny didn't hide the baskets very well this year so they were found long before mom crawled out of bed. Next year she'll be trickier for sure.

All bella wanted in her basket was littlest pet shops...thank heaven the Easter bunny read the dozens of sticky notes letters she posted on the tree in the front yard.

Chocolate Bunnies are so yummy!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Weekend

The kids all know they are supposed to pose for obligatory photos every Easter & Christmas. The girls love it, David cringes.
Dave is teaching himself piano while we take pictures outside. The day was grey & blustery, but the rains stopped for a few minutes so we could get some pictures.
Of course I took way too many of the littlest little...he is too cute with his roly poly arms & legs
look mom look
Isabella insisted on posing herself this way in almost every photo...she is so stubborn
Savannah likes to look down so she is looking at you with her eyes and her glasses are on her nose. She is very self conscious about her glasses, but I think she is beautiful.

My cheesy boy, showing off the coveted alien goo he got from the Easter Bunny. If only the Easter bunny knew that this would be so popular, she would have bought four of them. They were at the 1$ spot at target!
Lovey lovies

Brother loves
Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

FHE & Fondue

Lots going on the last few weeks. A reprieve from baseball over spring vacation, spring vacation rainy day fun. Etc., Etc. Now we are back in the routine of school, sports, cubs, play dates, baseball, piano & etc. On the go-with things to do every single day. The weather has been wonderful so we have been working to get our yard in shape. But Mondays we always reserve for some fun family time.

My girls absolutely love to cook. So a few months ago I bough them this awesome cookbook KIDS IN THE KITCHEN and they love to look through the simple fun recipes and pick something out for dinner or dessert. Savannah was on treats for FHE so she chose to make fondue, a very simple version. YUMM-O

We also watched the other side of heaven which we had recorded and the kids loved it. Of course I cried at the end. What a great movie!

Ben's FHE enjoyment far exceeded anyone else's!

Off to cub scouts, baseball game & dinner on the go. I heart springtime.
Ben loves to drag his toys around, not really into pushing, just dragging them with him.
Isabella enjoying some game time while the bigs are at school.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Toad in the Hole

Some dear family friends are on vacation so grandma is looking after their chickens. We had fun yesterday visiting Brother Verne's chickens and collecting some eggs for ourselves. There were 9 large eggs, some brown some white.
Peeking into the nest
The kids LOVED the chickens and were fascinated by the process. Lots of questions were asked & answered. Here are 2 of my favorites:
Why don't these eggs turn into baby chicks? (because there isn't a rooster in the henhouse).
Do the eggs come out of the chickens butts? (why yes, yes they do)
Ben absolutely loved the chickens, saying "look look" and then babbling excitedly.

His first word besides mama, dada & more (which sounds a lot like ma ma because he says more more more) was look. Now he can say ball & some also. It was a blustery rainy cold day (kind of lame for spring vacation) thus the cute yellow slicker that he his fast growing out of.

I asked the kids what they wanted to do with the eggs, they said they wanted Toad in the Hole for breakfast. YUMMY!

And our favorite thing to do with the hole....

Nutella Toast

Baby loves nutella!