Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Best Day of our Buffalo Trip #1

The best day of our trip was the day we took to drive to Palmyra and see all the church history sites.  Somewhere I have always wanted to go.  It was amazing, spiritual and fun to do with Dave.

At the Hill Cumorah Visitors Center Enjoying the Sister Missionaries Presentation

The Hill Cumorah

The view of the area from the hill.  The Smith family farm was about 3 miles to the right of the Hill.  


The Palmyra Temple, a beautiful site.  

The best traveler.  All our kids have been good travelers, and he was no exception.

Walking in the sacred grove was a very special experience.    I kept telling Dave, my heart wants to sing. 

These rocks were from the original fence line from the Smith family farm.

Check back for more pictures.