Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our Home

Note the lovely recycling waiting to be picked up.

Savannah is "posing" she says...David is trying to cringe away while holding Ben still. I love almost everything about the house, the one thing I would change right away, besides paint color on the inside is the front door. I HATE the front door.


Packing Heat & Random Postings

I have a digital photo frame, and when I went to turn it off the other night this is what I figurines were packing heat...then I noticed that all the little figurines I have in the family room were packing heat. Apparently they were getting ready for gangsta wars. My son is so funny!

Here is Benj trying to crawl. He goes a few awkward steps and then does a perfect downward dog-my little Yoga master.

We get lots of hummingbirds on our back deck all day long. It is so fun to watch them, but the bees that come are not as fun. I hate sitting out there to eat.

I had to take this picture while I was stopped at a light in downtown Portland. Plaid Pantrys used to be all over the Vancouver metro area, in fact when we moved to our old house on Graham, there was one a short bike ride away on the corner of 164th & McGillvary. Our parents would give us a $1.00 allowance every saturday and off we'd ride to Plaid to spend it on 10 cent candy. Is there even such thing as 10 cent candy anymore?? Lemonheads, Grape Ape's, Fire Stix. Oh the good old days!

Friday, August 22, 2008


We spent the day last Thursday at OMSI, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. We try to visit it often, it is so fun for the kids, they love the exhibits and the freedom to run and play. The weatherman had forecast a day in the 100's and so we decided that was the perfect day to grab the cousins and go. David & Rick who are the oldest two were pretty much AWOL the whole time, racing around together but the girls stayed with me so here are some fun pictures of them.

Savannah & Adyson with their princess face paint

Isabella of course is a puppy

I was taking pictures of my girls and then Avery comes up, "aren't you going to take one of me aunt rachel??" She is so sweet!

At one of the water tables, I can't remember what they were supposed to be doing, but mud was flung & water was splashed.

I had to put this picture in here it is on the back side of OMSI, this bridge is the site of my recurring childhood nightmare.... I swear I had this on a regular basis, is the jist of the nightmare. We are driving in the green car that belonged to my dad's twin sisters who were in high school when I was small. DOn't ask me why we were driving this car, but my mom was driving and Me & Rick & Jon are in the back, of course no car seats in those days just hop in back kids. And as we go over the Markham bridge we just drive off the top into the Willamite river and I can see the river coming up towards me like in a movie. Every time I drive over this bridge even now I get the heebie jeebies.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dog Days Of Summer

It's 100 degrees here in Vancouver, which is not that unusual for this time of year...but it does make those of us who enjoy milder temperatures run for water or we melt. So in the spirit of hot are a few recent events that would make even Paris Hilton exclaim "that's hot":

The kids at the fair watching the motorcycle races...not hyrum's orange shades-That's Hot

Benj suffering from heat stroke...not really but he was dying in the stroller so we had to just carry him around...he loved the animals & all the people watching. Too bad I didn't have my brand new PUJ baby sling to carry him in came yesterday and I LOVE IT!! They are made by my high school spanish partner's wife Katie and they are Hot Hot Hot! Get your own here at

Savannah is thrilled to ride the ponies (big surprise)

Bella is equally excited about the ponies...and I love that the ponies are right behind the Dairy Farmers Wives Milkshake booth which makes the best milkshakes in the state of Washington...SO HOT!

Two hotties (Dave & Scott) setting up our new trampoline-a source of fun for everyone!

Those same hotties enjoying Dave's birthday present-XBOX 360s are HOT!

And to top it all off popsicles in the pool-too cool for school!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lame Lame Lame

That's all I can say is that I have been lame. This is supposed to be our family journal and I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping up with it. But to be totally honest journaling is not really my strong suit, not even my semi-strong suit. Actually it pretty much falls at the bottom of the list of suits that I claim to try to do occasionally. The only time in my life that I have kept a consistent journal was when I was a sophmore in college and sort of a BFL (big fat loser). Just kidding, I wasn't a loser and I had great friends that I still love today (thx Mandy & Sara) but I had much more free time than I can scrape up now so maybe that is my husband, no kdis back then so more time to delve into the deepest workings of my personal life. Anyway, I have tried to post some of our fun goings on below...but the things that were not so fun were moving into our house, Dave's practice buyout falling through and having to scramble for another job and all the stress that goes along with both those things happening in the same week! But alles gut as the Germans say. The Lord loves us and always takes care of us. Despite our best efforts things work out the way they are supposed to. Dave had another job within a week so we are able to pay for our beautiful new home. I am not surrounded by boxes anymore so the control freak in me is no longer freaking out and I can concentrate on the things that really matter in my life which are the 5 sweeties that i live with every day & my super awesome family. Which by the way these sweeties are growing and growing....take a look

Dynamite Dyers

First annual Dyer Reunion we have been able to attend since 2002. All I can say is Yeah. Raquel was missed, our beloved grandmother. But still a great time for all who came. Love my cousins, love seeing their beautiful kids and having my kids become friends with them. Even if Mimi, Isla & Bella fought at dinner. Bella still came home saying how much she loves mimi & Isla. Can't wait until next year!

As an added bonus they had the reunion in Pasco...I know I know...who goes to pasco on purpose?? Well we do because we get to see Aaron & Hollie & their kids. And Ryan, Megan and their kids. (Dave's twin bro & best friend from high school). So we stayed with A&H and all 19 of us descended upon Red Robin like a swarm (those poor servers!). Too fun!!
Dyer Craft off-who can make the cutest picture frames??
Note Vannah & Bella in their post pool cuteness-who is their awesome stylist!
Benj & Mac making friends
Grandpa Dyer getting into the fun with Tom & Gracie
I had to capture this, my dad it cold today?? Although this was right up Uncle Dano's alley-his frame was decorated with turtles pooping!!
Last but not least the Keller kiddos at A&H's house.
Savannah, Isabella, Aiden, David, Benjamin, Jackson & Cade...what a bunch of cuties!

Bluberry Pie, Blueberry Pancakes, Blueberry sweet

We went blueberry picking with Rebecca & Marzee & all the kiddos.  So delicious.  I couldn't seem to get enough in the bucket as they all seemed to go in my mouth, so huge & delicious.  This was Savannah's haul.  She picked 3 lbs of berries all by herself-I was so proud.  Together we got 20 lbs...Dave and I of course picked the most but the kids did great...dirty toes & all!

Welcome Home Elder Dyer

Well done thou good & faithful servant.  We are so happy to have our brother home...the kids love their uncle & love spending time with him, and so do I.  Hard to believe that my baby bro is all grown up and an out ladies!


Savannah at the farm exhibit
David playing chess at the children's museum
Bella & Melissa coloring
Bella in the butterfly exhibit at the zoo with one on her finger
Benji & Grandma
The S is for Super, the U is for unique...we had a super fun weekend in Seattle while Dave went to PNDC. We got to enjoy the company of Dave's parents, watch them spoil the grandkids a little. And spend time with my fav sister-in-law Miriam...okay okay I admit to having many fav sister in laws. But Mim & I do have fun together, which is good considering she didn't like me much for the first 6 months we were married. But hey, with my stellar personality it was easy to win her over to the dark side of friendship with Rach! Ha ha! Love you mim! Seriously though, we visited the Everett childrens museum & the zoo, had a fun BBQ with the Seattle Kellers and relaxed a little from our stressful life. YEAH!

4th of July Blowout

The girls schucking corn for the BBQ
Casey, Lori, Mom, Laurieann, Verne & Dave "watching the kids swim"
Some of the rest of the clan enjoying the warm waters of Verne's solar heated pool-so nice!
The little ones lighting off fireworks with grandpa on the 5th
Now it is the bigger kids turn
We are so glad to be back in the NW and invited to attend the annual May-Dyer-Foltz, and a hundred other people 4th of July festivities. We have been BBQing with the May's every fourth of July since I was in high school-swimming at their pool. So this year the fun started with a bbq at Dyers, walk down to the May's for a fun swim. Then over to the Foltz's yard for a fabulous fireworks show put on by Brandon and a few others. Everyone pitches in a few fireworks & Brandon rigs the whole show. Seriously it was like watching a professional show, even set to music courtesy of the FOltzes. We set up chairs, let the kids run around, visit with friends & have dessert while we watch the show. The only drawback is that Dave doesn't really like loud noises ever since his few months in the desrert. I guess it reminds him of the mortar attacks they used to get nearly nightly in Mosul. So he was pretty much white knuckling the chair, but was a very good sport. He loves his country so much so it is always special for him to celebrate the fourth. Hard to believe that us Dyer/May's have grown from 2 families with 9 kids 21 years ago to 10 families with 24 kids & still growing! Families are forever and so are good friends!

Sweet Savannah

Savannah had a fun fun birthday this year, she came in with a bang on July 3rd a day before her dad's favorite holiday. He wanted me to hold out for the 4th but I said no way! ha ha! She is the sweetest of our loving and always willing to help. Here is a photo recap of her special day/days
Savannah opening her favorite barn for her horse collection!!

Savannah with her favorite present-a horse barn for her collection
Savannah was very blessed this year to be put into a class with wonderful girls she made friends with-what fun to have them and her cousins to a Hula Party
blowing out candles at her party. We love you Savannah!!