Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Long Trip

3221 Miles
8 Days
12 states
a ton of trail mix
6 cases of soda
10 bathroom stops per day

We're finally here at our destination and spent the last week and a half just resting. It was a fun trip, with lots of special days visiting historic sites from our pioneer heritage. We sold our firstborn for BYU paraphanalia at the bookstore & car-i-oked our little hearts out. Benjamin was the best behaved baby ever, and really only had one difficult afternoon. Now we are camping at grandmas until we find a house to buy & Dave is in heavy practice finding mode-looking at buying one or working at a few different ones. We are on vacation until June 16th so we've got time until he has to really start working again and we are enjoying being together.


Future Cougar

At Carthage Jail

7 random things about Isabella:

Isabella was named for her great great grandmother on my side, we like family names for the girls and I always admired grandma Isabella-she was so spunky-just like our little bella. Her nicknames are Bella Boo & Boo Boo. But she calls them her "nick nack names" (you know like nick nack paddy whack). She also has no middle name like her sissy & mom.

Isabella is a very hairy little girl (which we laugh hysterically at). She was born with dark hair all over, which is rare for my kids, she even had little pixie hair coming off her ears which I always thought was so cute. The hair on her ears is gone but she has a lot of hair down her back & on her bum and will probably need to spend some time getting lasered.

Bella seems really tough, loud & bossy but is secretly very sensitive and is always worried if her brother & sister love her. When we got here, her cousin Avery (who is almost 3) told her she wasn't in David's family and Isabella went into hysterics.

Isabella's favorite food is pickles, cake, ice cream, watermelon, & strawberries. In that order, she also thinks katchup & butter are a food group and will lick the plate clean if there are any left.

Bella loves to play & nick which she calls "mick". She is quite adept at navigating websites by herself and does not like to get help.

Bella loves animals, especially the dog she is going to get which she has named Buster.

And lastly, bella loves to say prayers. I'll catch her talking out loud, listing names & animals & she will say, "I'm just praying".

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7 random things about Savannah-my sweetest of the sweethearts

Savannah has no middle name-something I had to argue long and hard for, but in the end I won. It is a family tradition from my dad's side that I loved. So Dave said when she was born that he was going to make up a middle name for her and it is "ROO". She is our Savannah roo, vanna roo, roo roo, little roo, or of course the standard that all my kids answer too-"sweetie". She was named after her great great grandmother on Dave's side but truthfully we fell in love with the name after reading the work & the glory series. I know cheesy cheesy but it is a beautiful name.

Savannah is so sweet & docile that in 2005 she sat and let David cut all of her hair off, while mommy was upstairs. I had taken the top of her hair and put it in a ponytail and so he cut that part up to the rubber band (THANKFULLY) which gave her a little bit of length on top so she didn't look completely like a boy and when it was cut it ended up so cute. But it did take a full year and a half for that to grow out and be one length at her chin.

Savannah is my eater, she LOVES pasta and her favorite food is spinach ravioli with pesto sauce-she will have like 3 or 4 giant helpings if left to her own devices. And she eats REALLY REALLY SSSSLLLLOOOOWWW! So after everyone is done and has left the table Savannah is usually still eating away.

Savannah's daddy calls her his little barnacle. That is because she loves to be touching or petting or sitting right next to you just like a barnacle will cling to a boat. She is a very physical loving child-and CANNOT WAIT to have a boyfriend although she says she won't kiss him, she'll just give lots of hugs. She will probably cause her daddy's blood pressure to rise several points when she is in Jr. High and High School. I just can't figure out where she gets that trait from-(hee hee).

Savannah's favorite thing to do is color & artwork. She is very meticulous when it comes to her art and will sit for hours coloring.

Savannah says when she grows up "if she goes" on a mission she wants to go to China, but she really wants to just get married.

Savannah's favorite place to visit is the beach, she loved going to the beach in Spain and just can't understand why we can't go back there.

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