Wednesday, August 25, 2010


10 days before Emily was born we lost my wonderful grandfather. I haven't blogged about it because my emotions were out of control and even though they are still pretty tender I wanted to share how much I love grandpa and how blessed I am by his life and example. I have always felt very close to my grandparents, and still miss my grandmother dearly even though she has been gone for over 2 years. To me they are examples of people who did their very best to love their family and live their faith. I am comforted knowing they are together again, and that their marriage is an eternal one. And I am thankful that I have their example to follow as I live my own life.

Love you grandpa!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Emily is such a blessing to us
We gathered most of our family together to bless her on August 1

The blanket was made by Dave when we had David and we've used it with all of our babies for their blessing
I bought the bonnet in Brugge Belgium in 2007 knowing we wanted to have more children. Ben got to use the booties I bought and Emily the bonnet.

Of course the girls want to get in on the picture action

This picture really makes me mad, David is making that face in all 7 of the pictures we took! What a stinker.
Dave's parents visiting us

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

While I recovered...

And held baby for hours on end, Davehiked to the top of this ...
With this cutie pie
And these cuties (Emma & Maddie)
And uncle Rick & little Rick and Brian & Brayden. A group of 5 dads and their 11/12 year olds hiked to the summit of Mt. St. Helens together and had a wonderful time. We are so proud of these kids, they made it to the very top a feat that even some of the teachers quorum (14,15 year olds) in our ward could not do.

A view of the crater and lava bubble

One of the slopes they slid down (glisading) to make the climb down go faster. Dave SHREDDED his pants
Brayden made it back down!
I am so proud of my boys!
They were all tuckered out for the drive home!!