Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Heart Day

We love love
We celebrated by going to lunch as a family since we LOVE each other the very most
Isabella dressed in her finest displaying her Lovely gift from daddy which she insisted on wearing all day long

We practiced our best manners, the girls were escorted by the boys, doors were opened, chairs pulled out

It was a lovely lovely afternoon of love...
Isn't this face one to fall in love with

My valentine present from Dave, chocolate covered cinnamin bears from the BYU bookstore and an I heart BYU t-shirt. LOVE LOVE LOVE
We ended our valentine date by watching Dave play his last indoor soccer husband running up and downt he soccer field...yummy!

Giant wads of chewing gum from the vending machines, not so yummy

Friday the 13th

Is not scary around these parts, in fact it is a reason to celebrate. My sister was born on Friday the 13th, not too many years ago. And I was so excited, that I had a new sister instead of just brothers. We are six years apart and so when we were younger she liked to follow me around. Which was fun sometimes, and other times (like when I wanted to be ALONE-said with a dramatic teenager attitude) it wasn't so fun. But we are and always will be best friends. I admire her so much for all she does. Her patience, mad sewing skills, kindness and her creativity. I wish I could be more like her. Happy Birthday little sister. I'm glad you still like to follow me around!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

T Tag

Here are 10 things I love that start with the letter T

1. Ties-which to me are symbolic of the men in my life my husband, my father, my brothers & son. When exercising their priesthood they always wear a tie. David is learning to tie his own grown up boy tie right now and it is so cute. I am thankful for the men in my life.

2. Tissues-because I am a very sensitive person who cries a lot. I am stingy with tissues though, my kids can wipe their noses with toilet paper.

3. Toilet paper...because you know why.

4. Tithing-we pay 10% tithing to the church and receive 100% in blessings. And I am thankful for the blessing of paying tithing.

5. Teuschers-my mothers maiden name. I am thankful for her and her family and the heritage of faith I get from them. I LOVE THEM!

6. Treats. chocolate treats, baked treats, I love treats

7. Tenderness-my husband has a hard exterior but a sensitive inside. I love that side of him.

8. Treasures. We have a tradition that on every trip our kids get to pick a treasure to bring home, and I pick one too. I love to see my little treasures and remember the fun times we have had together.

9. Tiny ones-okay so that is a stretch but I do love my kids, they are my best treasures.

10. Testimony. The core of who I am is based on my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and I am so grateful for it.

Thanks Marie for this fun tag.

Photo Tag

4th folder, 4th picture get the drift

This is overlooking the city of Nurnberg from the castle. Don'tyou love the red roofs? That is one of my favorite things about germany, all the red roofed homes. Judging from Bella's coat it was February or March of 2006.

We had gone to Nurnburg with our friend Frank Horsefall (who is in the cute German hat next to Dave). He was a good friend Dave met through the Boy Scout Council that lived in Bern and would come stay with us when they had meetings in Wuerzburg. He was always so sweet to our kids when he came to visit. Letting them climb on him and holding someone's hand. He had never been to Nurnberg so we had to take him and show him the city. I love that city, the towers, the market square with fresh flowers. I think on this trip we went to the museum of the guy who painted rabbits...I can't think of his name and my Rick Steves books are in the basement, awaiting my next European adventure (hint hint Dave).

Isabella was always so good in her pack, she pretty much lived in it. We moved to Germany when she was 2 months old and so travelling and hiking in her pack was pretty much all she knew. Dave would keep earplugs in his pocket though because for those who know bella, she is pretty loud. She would pull on his ears to tell him which way to turn and shout at the rest of us when we weren't doing what she wanted. She's not bossy at all! ha ha!

I tag Rebecca, Jody, Kjrsten, Marie

What I'm Up To

There are so many things keeping me busy and inspiring me right now such as...

my new phone, isn't it cute. How on earth did I ever live without mobile email, web (facebook) & calenders. And it's pink!
New piano music, I've wanted to learn this song since it was played at my grandmother's funeral last year. It is so absolutely beautiful. I can just hear pavarati's rich tenor voice singing while I accompany him (in my imagination of course).

My new lovely piano. It's been 15 years since I had a piano in my home (that is when I moved out) and every time I pass it, I am compelled to sit down and play. After going to the music store on Monday I keep thinking of more music I want to go buy.

Sweet red baby cheeks, colds have been spreading through our home...keeping babies up coughing in the night & their cheeks very kissable.

January is the season for crafts...we had to make snowflakes to go with our own little dusting of snow the other day. Can you hear bella whining?? She is mad that David won't share his toys, thus the pretty expression on her face.

We are planning some new valentine traditions this year after being inspired from a friend. And of course getting all the kids valentines ready for their parties today. Tune in for more details.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

On a Sunday afternoon

You can find us watching family favorite movies such as The Sound of Music. I love it because we all sing & dance along with those awesome von trapps.

High on a hill was a lonely goat heard...lae oh di lae oh di la hee hoo!

I've always wanted to be part of a singing family that bursts into song at every opportunity...

We sing so much that we sing the baby right to sleep

And of course we have to put on our bakers outfits to bake cookies, we are hungry from all the singing

Crafts are a sunday afternoon must if you are a Keller girl, love notes for our favorite friends THE END

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cutest Hats Ever

See my sidebar...but seriously my sister is so crazy creative. I wish I had 1/2 of her creative juices. We saw some hats at a bazaar for way expensive so she decided to make some herself, made them, cuted them up so they are cuter than the ones we saw which were kind of old ladyish, she makes them green (recycled), for adults & kids and even made some delicious ones for boys. Plus she uses my boy as a model-how much cuter can you get. Check them out. I love mine!!

Mysterious Ways

I've been wanting to post about this for a while, but keep forgetting. This is our family journal and this is an important event, so the story is long. But I found this photo on my phone so thought I would post about it today.

Track back 4 1/2 years. Dave is a dental officer stationed with a combat support hospital in Iraq. We had been in Germany 4 weeks when he deployed so rather than spend the holidays in Germany I flew home with the kids. Right around Christmas they had what is called a mass casualty in Mosul so all the wounded were sent to the hospital. Dave was assigned to triage the wounded, who would get care, who was too far gone, etc. He triaged a soldier who was badly burned and hurt who said he was LDS and would like a priesthood blessing.

In our church the men hold priesthood and are able to administer blessings of healing when asked or needed. It is a wonderful, thing to receive a priesthood blessing especially in a time of need.

Of course Dave administered a blessing to him, and then went on with his duties as triage officer. This was a really difficult event for my husband, he doesn't talk about it much. I was at home in Vancouver with my family. He was able to get a short phone call off to me to assure me he was fine before they cut off the phone lines and also before I heard about it on the news-it was about 5 in the morning when he woke me up with a phone call. Literally minutes later my dad saw details about the bombing on the news. He then sent a detailed email regarding his feelings, the smell of his hands and how he had administered to this man who he didn't know. We knew how blessed we were because many families never got a phone call to reassure them that their loved ones weren't injured for a week. Or worse were getting phone calls saying they were injured.

My brother Rick was the Elders Quorum president in his ward, and a lady in his ward had a sister living with her while her husband was deployed. She received a phone call like that Your husband has been injured, he's badly burned we don't know anything else. End of phone call, and it would be weeks before she heard anything else from the military. Rick mentioned this to me, and I noticed the connection-Dave had given a blessing to a burn victim, so quickly emailed Dave and asked if he remembered the soldier's last name and it was her husband. Dave emailed her, reassuring her that her husband would be okay, he was injured but would heal, etc. I knew the Lord was working through us at that time.

Fast forward 4 years, we are sitting at our ward Christmas party next to a family who is visiting their mom who is in our ward. We had met before, she knew my brother Rick, all those small mormon connections that you figure out when you first meet people. They live in Tacoma and her husband is in the army stationed at Ft. Lewis. So our husbands start doing the introductions...where have you been stationed, what is your MOS (your job in the military) etc. Her husband is enlisted and as a rule enlisted soldiers do not have much respect for medical soldiers -they aren't real army- but he askes politely if Dave ever served a combat tour which he replies yes. Can you see where this is going??

They figure out that they both served in Mosul at the same time but at different bases. Dave says he was the assitant branch leader for the Mosul branch and the man says, I was injured in the DFAC bombing and I have always wondered who gave me a blessing, that it was such a comfort and asks if Dave would know who it was. Dave says it was him and the man jumps up and rushes around the table to give him a big hug. Meanwhile, his wife starts crying, saying she has also always wondered because of the letter she received and what a comfort it was for her in that time of need in their life.

Again we see the Lord working through us, for us. What a wonderful thing to meet these people, to know you have this small connection. And we were both so thankful that we were there, doing what is right able to bless the lives of others in small ways and feeling blessed ourselves.

And look they even match!

Girls Night

On Saturday at a baby shower my grandmother announced that she had just finished reading Twilight. I was so surprised, I knew my grandma was cool but, I didn't realize she was TWILIGHT cool. Anyhoo, my mom suggested going to see the movie before it leaves theaters for those who hadn't seen it. So we had a girls night last night. So it was my mom, grandma, me & 3 of my aunts. None of us had seen the movie before. Also, my SIL Marzee and her mom, Marzee is a little obsessed with Twilight, she's seen the movie 4 times and even visited the set when they were filming and she was giddy waiting for it to start. Marva has seen the movie before to but was game for a girls night and enjoying it again. It was so fun & funny, I wish I had been able to take pictures during the movie-my family is so awesome. My mom jumping out of her seat & screaming when Edward grabs bella & jumps out the window, my grandma enthralled at all the love scenes. And of course my awesome aunties enjoying truly a teen romance movie. Total FUN! Plus I loved sitting by Marzee because she knows everything about the movie and pointed out a lot of things I would have missed, or back stories. LOVED IT!

I know these are blurry I was playing with my new toy, my blackberry (I know I am way spoiled, actually it was buy one get one free & we were buying one for Dave so I got a free one-yeah). So L-R is Kimberly, Cindy, Allison (aunts), Grandma T, Mom, Marva

Here's a blurry shot of marzee & marva, they weren't liking my super bright flash