Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

This was an epic start of the school year for our family. David went to middle school...which brings so many thoughts to me like...where did the time did he grow up so fast...will he be okay in middle school...etc. But he did great, and I promise I only cried a little when the kids left, although the house was way too quiet! We started off the day with our tradition of giving the kids schultuttes a German tradition. They are filled with candy and school supplies. The kids love it and kept asking when they would get them. This year they got them the morning of the first day. Bella who can't remember the name and calls them tooters. The kids were all prepped for school, bags packed, fathers blessings given so the morning went very smoothly for us.

Isabella with her tooter

David, 6th grade...middle school
Live long and prosper
Mom quit taking pictures and let me go...
Savannah, sweet & quiet...4th grade Ms. Boyle

Isabella, our wild child...1st Grade Ms. DeVet

Ben wanted to go to school so badly, he was all ready. The minute the bus doors closed and he realized he wasn't getting on he burst into tears. He misses Bella so much when she is gone all day!

Making cookies for an afterschool treat
The resident chunk, aren't those cheeks to die for! The after school report was that the teachers are wonderful, David loves band & choir his electives this term and everyone was happy.