Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Rest of Hawaii...photo overload!

The lagoons at Ko'Olina were so beautiful, we spent every day snorkeling and swimming for hours.
This was a canoe from the 1800's, first used for fishing, then for drug running.
Our favorite lagoon, we got to swim with 4 sea turtles that live there, they were so tame, swimming right up to us and letting the kids feed them sea grass from their hands.
The Pali overlook, we thought bella would blow away it was so windy. Can you believe when we moved from NC these kids were 5 & 3 & 1 day old!! It was interesting to see how the dynamics changed, when we lived in NC David & Carynn were best friends now it was the boys & girls who play together, no mixing!
Bella is wiped out from bodysurfing at Bellows beach
We caught some "narly waves"
Lynn watched the kids so Dave and I could go snorkeling in Hanauma bay, it was such a beautiful morning and we had a wonderful time. I can't believe how BIG all the fish are that I always pictured very small. Our new favorite word....humuhumunukunukuapua'a or Trigger Fish. They are SO CUTE!

My little wahinis, with their "coco boobies" as we call them.
Visiting the Laie temple
The polynesian cultural center was really fun, I wish we had gone 2 days instead of just 1!
Watching the boat parade
The girls learning to hula like good wahinis!
The boys didn't want to learn to hula!
Look who we ran into...The Larsens! We had trouble connecting the whole week, busy schedules relaxing by the pool you know. But there they were chucking spears. I love running into friends, it is like getting a warm hug!
Spear Chucking!
Saying goodbye to the Lamberts. We had such a wonderful time visiting them. The kids all got along so well and for us it was like no time had gone by since North Carolina.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ohana Sunsets

We caught the sunset the next night, and it was beautiful!

Playing in a Banyan Tree next to Paradise Cove Luau

Looking fore tidepools