Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspector Hector

We love brushing our teeth! Especially now that we've discovered

Inspector Hector Plaque Detector!
You remember those little red pills the dentist made us chew to see all the plaque we were missing, well our kids do it every night with a rinse. It is so great, they fight over who gets to get inspected first. Then love to brush all the blue off in to the sink.

She is such a ham!!
Ben says, oooh I want some!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Boofest at the Graveyard Grill

For our traditional Halloween dinner we made a trip to the graveyard grill.

Savannah made the signs and hung them

eyeball juice with floating eyeballs

Wrapped mummies (bratwurst)
moldy bones (the mold were peas on the side)
bloody fingers and graveyard dip

all ready for tricks or treats, mostly treats
It was the year of the fairy, 3 of my nieces were fairies
David was not feeling well but wanted to trick or treat anyway
Dave & I dressed up this year, happy hawaiians!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Pumpkins & Patches & Puddles Oh My

How did fall just sneak up on me? One day I am lounging on the beach in beautiful weather and the next it is raining and halloween is already behind me. Forgive me if I have adopted a little of the island mentality and am a few weeks behind on posting pictures.
We started off the season with a pumpkin picking party at Grandma's Garden. Trust my mom to throw a party for all 14 of her grandkids on her own birthday. She is pretty giving! Then the floodgates opened and we spent Isabella's fall trip to the pumpkin patch in the pouring, driving, freezing rain!
Where my butt got so wet and my pants so muddy from the kids shoes that they are actually stained!
We did find a pretty cute pumpkin though!

We headed over to our old standby Joe's place (favorite farmstand ever) for some bigger pumpkins, Savannah wasn't satisfied with the size of the one she got from Grandma and Ben's was a little green gourd so we got 2 more and some delicious homemade apple cider
Carving is serious business!
You can't see it well, but we got these really COOL looking pumpkins from Joe's place but they were impossible to carve, even with Dave's big hunting knife! So Savannah carved her pumpkin from grandma after all and Dave carved Isabella's grandma pumpkin for Ben since she got another at BI-Zi Farms.
Little chubby hands! He loves his punkin!