Thursday, August 20, 2009

Darling you look mah-va-lus...

We had a whirlwind wedding week. And I think that is what threw my system into overload and caused me to get SO SO sick. I started feeling crummy on Tuesday....on Thursday Dave went to a funeral for his uncle in Aberdeen while I stayed home and got ready for our big trip.

Thursday afternoon Dave's mom came into town from the funeral so she could watch our kids and Thursday night


And I have no pictures because I was feeling sick and we were late and I forgot my camera and I'm lame...but then Friday morning bright and early we all got on a plane to Utah. It is the first time my brothers and sisters and I have gone on a vacation together no kids since right before I got married...14 years ago!

chubby cheesy smiles

Friday all day Dave & I played in Provo and visited Matt & Ashley in Ogden to see the cutest newest baby Lance He is so tiny, tinier than any of my babies ever were outside my body! But sweet as pie. And then Friday night we went to dinner to celebrate Scott & Clarissa's upcoming wedding. Yummy yummy Brazilian grill, I think Dave was the most excited of everyone for the delicious food. But again, I have no pictures because I am lame.

Saturday morning Dave got up really early to find me some medicine because I was dying and I wanted to be happy and vivacious for the wedding festivities. As a family (minus Scott & Clarissa) we went through a session at the Salt Lake temple which was wonderful. Then we raced over to try to have breakfast
And they don't serve breakfast buffets at the Joseph Smith building on Saturday mornings (What The??)
Here is patient, patient Dave. I can't say enough about how wonderful he was to me all weekend while I was sick & so patient with having to wait and be on other people's schedules.
Mom and our new RM Travis

Aren't they a handsome bunch of Dyer boys!
Here we are recreating the day we got engaged. We did not get engaged here, but took pictures on this spot that day.

Becca & Travis
I just thought this was such a funny picture!

How yous doin?
Grandma & Grandpa Teuscher

The Happy Couple

Sunday we got up and went to see Music & the Spoken Word which was so wonderful. They even played one of my favorite songs from my favorite movie...can you guess? The Sound of Music of course!
Here are Dave & Travis catching some shut eye at the Church History museum. We were all so tired by the end of the weekend.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom is Sick-PARTY TIME!!!

I have had probably one of the worst cold/ear infection/flu viruses ever the last 11 days (starting from right before we went to Utah and still going strong). And this is what my kids do when mom is pretty much incapacitated with pain, and can't hear because her ears are plugged...

They take 57 pictures....these are just some of the gems...


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cub Scouts, Cub Camp (and Craft Camp) Hooray!

I am the webelos den leader, so I've had the privilige of being with a great group of boys once a week the whole summer. We've been working on being artists, learning about nature & geology, getting our bicycle and ultimate frisbee belt loops. And to culminate, going to Cub Camp and on a hike to the Ape Caves on Mt. St. Helens-which was AWESOME!

The girls and I also have a tradition that we do craft camp while David is at cub camp. Last year we did something every day, I was trying to make up for the fact that we were still currently homeless (we didn't move in for another few weeks) but this year has been a little bit crazy (just a little...)

The ape caves are a series of lava tubes formed thousands of years ago during one of mt. st. helens eruptions. You can only climb down into them in the summer because they are filled with water in the winter but it was a really fun hike for us to go on with the boys.

The lone girl...what a beauty...there was one smart boy who chose to "loose" his buddy and stuck to Savannah like glue the whole hike.
After hiking into the ape caves we stopped to see the petrified forest. What happened is the trees were covered with lava, but they burned slower than the lava hardened so after the lava hardned and the trees burned away what was left was the imprint of them trunks, fallen trees and roots in the lava. VERY COOL!

This is what Ben does while we are doing craft camp...
These are two very happy girls crafting beautiful jewelery boxes with paint, and mod podge, and glitter and pretty papers. Oh Heaven!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm Peanut Butter & You are Jelly...

...and we're so happy on our little piece of bread!

Happy Birthday to my Sweetheart! You are the King, and yes you are still as young and handsome as the day we met.

PS I just downloaded 136 pictures from my camera...look for some fun posts coming up soon after my double ear infection starts feeling better!

PSS I am so thankful for hearing, after spending the last 5 days with 1/2 my hearing I am SO ready for that gift from Heavenly Father to return