Sunday, July 17, 2011


Isabella age 7

Savannah age 10

It's been a busy 3 weeks, full details to come. My girls all had great birthdays and baby turned 1,

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It has been way too long since I blogged so our family journal is way behind. I want to be better at keeping a record of our family happenings starting now! So in backwards order here is a small sampling of what we've been up to....

Teuscher family reunion 2011

We had a beautiful day at the beach with my moms family

David's cell cake for science, a fun and yummy project

Dave enjoyed body surfing in Lincoln City

This little visitor sat outside our window for 3 days

We hiked silver falls with the Dyers for Memorial Day

Dave was awarded the silver beaver

David ran track, 400 meter shot put and long jump

Bella and savannah played soccer

My dad turned 50 so we celebrated for a whole weekend

Bowling was the highlight for the kids

Emily started creeping around furniture

Grandpa Kurt turned 90 we had a wonderful family party

My lovely girls! Aren't they beautiful!

Happy birthday to me!

We celebrated in Hawaii

With Aaron & Hollie

And our little Wahini Emily

David turned 12 and was ordained a I really that old??

We had one snow day and we made the most of it!

Ben turned 4 he has had 3 surgeries in his short 4 years but thankfully his arm healed very well. All in all it has been a busy 10 months.