Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dyers Having Fun in the Woods

Memorial Day growing up always meant camping, usually somewhere in the Gifford Pinchot forest, and at least from the time I was 13 it was usually with the May family. Almost 20 years later when Memorial Day rolls around everyone asks...are we going to Beaver? So we headed up there, the Dyer clan minus Scott & Travis and the May clan. 5 campsites...18 adults, 22 kids...GOOD TIMES!

We visited the fish hatchery:

All the Dyer cousins

We swam in the Wind River

Two snails snuck into our campsite for some alone time

Ken & Barbie enjoyed their "quiet honeymoon" also

We met up with some friends from our ward who were camping about 5 miles away for another many kids it was craziness on the trail

But the two waterfalls we saw were beautiful!

Overall a fun filled weekend. Lots of good times around the campfire, smores, dutch oven, baseball games, bike riding & family fun times!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Springtime at the farm

We had a delightful trip to Bi-Zi farms with Isabella's pre-school class this May. It is always fun to see the baby animals (the bunnies & chicks are the star of the show) and the kids get to take home a strawberry to plant.
Here we are looking at all the ducks & geese

Ben was especially fascinated with the animals, he calls them all dodgies
Mom, Hyrum, Becca & Laurieann on the hey ride to the strawberry fields
Ben, me & Bella
Isabella with her girlie friends from class, Kailey, Olivia, Bella, Gabriella. Missing are Kaitlyn & Annie (all her BFF"s that she will miss when she goes to Kindergarten this fall)

Pure Delight

Not quite as delighted

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Father & Sons Campout

In May our church holds a father & son's campout to commemorate the restoration of the priesthood. It is a much anticipated event in our house. It also heralds the beginning of warmer weather and summertime fun in our house. Dave & David went and had a great time.
Big boys, little boys, a campfire on a warm spring night what better evening can there be?

As you can see the fire was a constant source of entertainment for the little boys
While the big boys huddled around the food, making sure breakfast is cooked to perfection.

Da Vinci is Da Man!!

We visited OMSI for a fabulous exhibit about Da Vinci, his inventions and a detailed look at the Mona Lisa. Which we all noticed is much smaller in real life than any of the versions they had at the exhibit. It was a fabulous exhibit and a wonderful afternoon. We love OMSI, the kids favorite room is the techology room with the ball shooters, earthquake house and watertables.
Mona Rick

Mona Savannah

Mona Isabella
Ben wouldn't leave the water tables
Mona David