Monday, November 22, 2010


The spookiest time of year was the week of Ben's surgery.

So we carved pumpkins while he slept on the couch
And he carved his the next day

His costume ( and smile) lasted for about 20 minutes, no trick or treating for him this year by the time we got to the halloween party he was done for the evening.

Pumpkin Waffles, YUMMY!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

E is for

Sweet smelling, giggling, chubby cheeking, rolling over, kissing, goodness

Now a word from Our sponsors...

This post should be titled, why I haven't updated in 3 let's begin with a list of what has been going on in our lives:

1. Our roof leaked, like leaked leaked, like has been silently leaking for 6 years and finally went through the ceiling, like $6000 of damages thank heaven for homeowners insurance leaked. So we got the thrill of organizing the fixing of the roof.

2. After much prayer, fasting, and frustration Dave gave his 90 day notice at work. Not knowing what would happen or where he would work after the 90 days were up. Stress ensued.

3. Baby keeps growing & growing

4. Reading stories to 4th grade classes, band concerts, popcorn sale, back to school nights, homework & parent-teacher conferences all the fun of having 3 in school.

5. The month after giving his notice at work, Dave's boss pretty much stopped scheduling patients for him. He went from a full schedule to an empty schedule and since he is 100% paid on comission, and they would make him come in at 8 for a $30 procedure and then back at 4 for another $100 procedure and you can't feed a family of 7 on that he decided to take an extended staycation at home.

6. THE VERY NEXT DAY Ben tripped and broke his arm...and had to be rushed to the ER to have it x-rayed. They put a splint on it and told us the local ortho would call us if there was an urgent need but if not to come in on Friday for a cast.

7. After no phone call, and Dave going out of town for a dental conference we go in Friday for a cast only to have the ortho team tell us that Ben had to have emergency surgery the following Monday morning to have a metal pin put in his arm...mommy cries.

8. Surgery went well, I am so thankful for skilled surgeons. The most traumatic thing as a mother is to watch your baby be wheeled away and to be powerless to help or fix or comfort. Thank heaven for prayer and priesthood blessings. We now look forward to the pin removal surgery right before Christmas.

So if trouble comes in 3's I am ready for our fair share to be over this year. I am enjoying having Dave home, we haven't spent this much time together in a long time so it is fun. Plus he is a super big help with the kids while I finish up my math class.

Now for pictures: (in reverse order)

Ben sneaking ranch straight from the jar-I vomit in my mouth a little every time we catch him doing this!
Prime Halo Reach playing Seat must be shared with a friend!
Mom, I a baby today
Post Surgery...
The day before the break, catching frogs on the deck
Stinkin photogs won't leave me alone! (j/k)
Happy Birthday Grandma
Cheer Camp MVHS
Go Thunder!