Sunday, March 30, 2008

David David

Today was a moment every parent dreams of, David bore his testimony in church today. We have been practicing a lot at home with the kids for FHE and family scripture study and every fast Sunday we ask the kids if they are going to go up and share their testimony and they always say they are "too shy". Which I totally understand since I am usually "too shy" to share my feelings about the gospel with others, especially in front of such a large audience. Anyway, today we pulled the game bribery card-and of course he went running up to the podium. He had to wait while the lady up there finished her testimony so he was nervous and looking down at us with scared eyes, but he did so great. He bore his testimony and then when he sat down he leaned over and said-"my heart feels good right now". Isn't that great? What a sweetheart!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Busch Gardens

We took a much needed break from the yard cleanup & moving prep to take the kids to Busch Gardens for the day. We went with friends the Latteiers who have kids around our kids' age and had a lot of fun. It is a beautiful amusement park based on different countries in Europe-Italy, France, Germany, Scotland, Britain. The kids had fun and even went on some "scary" rides which is much better than the last time we went when David was 5 & Savannah was 3 -Savannah was too small for all but a few rides & David was too chicken so we basically walked around the park & went home. This time we went on rides, had lunch and enjoyed being together!

A mini-mini-mini version of Munich's clock tower!

The kids hiding in a tree in Leprechan ville!

Bella riding the horses next to the Clydesdales barn

The girls in the balloon ride in Italy

David & Caleb

Savannah & Helen

Isabella is mad because Helen & Savannah are together without her

Phillip decides to be nice & ride with her
Benj hanging out with the wet clothes
Are we having fun yet??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Slave Driving Parents

More Easter Pics for your viewing pleasure!!
Isn't he getting so big??? I can't believe my baby is 9!

Always the sweetheart...she loves to pose!

Savannah helped this little one pose, but it took 3 tries to get her to listen to big sister!

The little man...what a bundle of love he is! No smiles this morning though.

After 3 days of intense yard work we accumulated 42 bags of leaves & a giant pile of dead branches. The dead branches are partly from our trees and partly from our little neighbor girl who has been vandalizing things around our home, including the pretty maple in our front yard. I caught her with hedge trimmers but not before she had trimmed off every branch up to her height and was starting to climb to get more. Poor little maple didn't hurt anybody. Anyways, we have really been getting the yard cleaned up.

We thought we were so great, I was feeling good in Nov so we got our grass & flower beds all cleaned off from leaves falling. Then Thanksgiving hit and we had a big windstorm and our flower beds and grass were completely covered again. We decided to bag the efforts and wait until spring to clean it. SOOOO...we have been driving our kids mercilessly with rewards of popsicles, treats and even an evening at the local burger joint-Five Guys Burgers & Fries. 42 bags of leaves, that doesn't include the ones we did in the fall...we thought we were going to have to take the seats out of the van to get it all to the dump!

Thank heaven, we went to drop Dave's car off to be fixed today from his little hit & run accident (not his fault) and instead of bringing us a tiny little economy car they brought us a big giant pickup! YEAH! Savannah said "this is the funnest car we've ever had". So we made two pickup load full trips to the dump to get rid of all the yard debris, but as you can see from the Easter pictures, there are still leaves in the grass & flowers, but it is as good as it is going to get. And tomorrow we are taking the kids to Busch Gardens to celebrate & relax. Yeah for Spring break. Well this is a longer post than I thought it would be. Oh well...for those who are interested-10 days until we leave VA & 18 days until we are home!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

What a lovely day, warm weather, flowers blooming, cute kids & celebrating the life and resurrection of the Savior. Who can ask for anything more. Here are some pics of the kids in their matchy matchy Easter clothes-which I LOVE. I have to say that David was so excited to have a little brother to dress like him, he was so cute-gave me a giant hug when I brought home the sweaters. He really loves his little brother.

We had a wonderful morning, the kids woke up to look for baskets which the bunny likes to hide-a wicked tradition that I had in my family and I have to say I ended up hating because the bunny got trickier the older you got. One year I was SO MAD at the "easter bunny" that by the time we got back from church and I still hadn't found my basket I totally gave up. I am sure I threw a huge hissy fit but just remembering going up to my room and saying that I "DIDN"T CARE". I don't know which of my sweet siblings ended up finding the basket but that was a holiday to remember. By the time I got out of bed the kids were busy enjoying their baskets and then one of them peeked out the window and saw there was an egg on one of the hedges. So we had to throw shoes on and run outside to hunt for eggs. They were so busy eating candy & hard boiled eggs they didn't even ask for breakfast this morning.

So we dyed eggs on Saturday night and this was such a good example of each one of the kids personalities. There were 9 glasses with colors in them. Savannah carefully selected the best color, carefully dipped her egg into it and then turned it over & over so it would be just the right color. Isabella also carefully selected her favorite color-PINK but spoons were just not doing it for her so she had to use her hands to roll the eggs in the color to get it just right. David lined up 2 rows of 3 glasses (we were coloring 6 eggs each) into perfect lines and plopped an egg into each glass. Waited all of 1 minute and then pronounced-I"m done! They are such characters!!

We had a devotional before church to talk about the real meaning of Easter which was really great. I love the stage of life David & Savannah are at that they are starting to understand scripture and also wanting to help the little ones understand. Savannah always asks an easy question for bella so she can participate in our lessons and they both pray for Ben in every prayer-that he will be healthy and learn the gospel. It is too sweet. As I was reading the scriptures this morning I felt really blessed to have the gospel and thought about my grandma and those who have passed recently. My friend Patti has really been an inspiration to me recently and if you want to read her Easter post you can go to she is so amazing dealing with the tragedy of loosing a husband and still retaining her incredible faith in Christ and the resurrection. She is inspiring!

Friday, March 21, 2008

You're It

I've been tagged by my "fashionista" cousin Anna so here goes:

10 years ago I was:

Working at Novell in Orem, trying desperately to get pregnant (it had been a year of trying) and getting ready to move to Washington, Dave had just gotten accepted to UW dental school so we were starting to look for apartments & jobs.

5 things on my to do list today:

1. gym-check
2. pick up Dave's crap from work (today was his LAST day of work at the clinic-insert hip hip hoorays here-so he is cleaning out his office)-check
3. fold laundry-not check
4. Take kids to park (spring break starts today)-check
5. rake leaves (the never ending process)-not check

Things I would do if I became a billionaire:

1. buy Dave a dental practice
2. Take my extended family on a 3 month long trip to Europe to see everything we did and more
3. Donate the rest to BYU, UW, and the church

Places I've lived:

1. Vancouver, WA
2. Provo, UT
3. Seattle, WA
4. Fayetteville, NC
5. Kitzingen Germany
6. Landstuhl Germany
7. Chester, VA

Jobs I've had (in random order):
1. porcelin doll maker
2. berry picker-lasted all of two hours
3. Accounting Clerk
4. Dental Assistant
5. Administrative Assistant
6. Paper Route Delivery Girl
7. Collection Agent (which I actually sucked at so bad that they fired me!)

Things most people don't know about me:

1. I'm a nail biter-it comes with the worrying for me and I really have to work hard at not biting my nails!!
2. I have to have my toenails painted...not my fingernails just my toes
3. I"m a googler-I am way curious about anyone and everyone I have ever known and have even been known to google people!
4. I love R&B music-Dave makes fun of me...I like other kinds too but I LOVE old R&B from when I was in high school
5. I am a sun worshipper, I LOVE to lay out in the sun-we had my dream vacation to spain and and we laid on the beach for 10 days-listening to music, the water and our kids playing in the surf-YUMMY!

Okay so I tag:
1. Rebecca L.
2. Tara
3. Rebecca A.
4. Kailey
5. Jody

And since I can't post without posting a picture, here is sunny spain:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Edward

This post is mostly for my sweet sister in law Marzee who is Edward obsessed, well I guess I don't know if she is team Edward or Jacob but I do know she LOVES twilight & all things Stephanie Meyer. If you are Edward haters you might as well skip this post. I too love twilight-such a good read it makes me high school giggly! I got the book for Christmas from my awesome sister Rebecca and I devoured it and had to go buy the next two books IMMEDIATELY. Of course that was right when I was having Benjamin, I read the last book in the hospital in labor so I had to read it again a few weeks later since I was a little distracted and I wanted to give Edward my full attention. Well, my friend Tara has the most indulgent husband ever, and he actually tagged along with her and her sister on a pilgrimmage to Forks, La Push & the Olympic peninsula. Even posing for some sweet Edward like pictures! Check out her blog, you will love the pics and see the beauty of the Olympics too! As for my husband, he pretty much mocks my "smutty romance novels" and especially got a kick out of it when in Barnes & Noble I couldn't find the books so asked a salesclerk who said-in her most snooty voice as if I was not a real reader-"those are in the TEEN ROMANCE section" and huffed away. Dave laughed for weeks! Anywhoo, for those of you who are living under a rock and have not joined "team edward" as Tara puts it go out and buy the books!! And visit Tara's blog-it is awesome!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When it rains...

I was going to post yesterday about our car issues (long story)...but then I read a friends blog and found out another friend from college-who I haven't kept in touch with the last 5 years- had passed away. He passed swiftly and suddenly, leaving his wife-another friend and their 5 children behind. Reading about his illness and reading her posts and sharing in her faith reminded me about the important things in life. Enjoying every minute-enjoying those you love. I wish the last 5 years that we had stayed in touch with the Eppersons because now those moments are gone. I know that death is not the end and this sweet family will be together again, but I still believe that every minute we have here on earth is important. Rather than focus on the negative issues in our lives, we need to see the positive. Rather than get irritated with our children or husbands, tell them you love them, give them a sweet hug & kiss. Enjoy the spring flowers, the rain that brings with it not clouds, but growth. Just thought I'd share that today, not to be depressing but to share with you my friends & super awesome family that I care about each of you. And for those in Washington, I CANNOT WAIT to see you all again. So here is a picture of Boo (Bella) holding her new little brother in the hospital, enjoying the promise of new life.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Changing it up

Okay, so this week I was blog reading and I realized that many of my friends had the exact same background that I did so I thought I would change it up, be a little creative. Hope you like it!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Frohe Ostern

We are getting ready for Easter here at the Keller house. The daffodils are blooming
and we have decorated our little easter tree.

Easter trees are a bavarian custom, that I fell in love with. Obviously I need to make myself some more eggs for our little tree, but that will have to wait until next year when we are not in the throes of moving chaos. You hang eggs on a flowering tree and if it flowers before Easter it is a year of good luck. Bavaria and Germany in general had so many great customs and traditions that we have incorporated many of them into our family traditions now which is fun. Here is a pic of our first little Easter tree in 2005 and yes it did flower with pretty yellow flowers!! Frohe Ostern everyone!!

Monday, March 10, 2008


Yes that's right it's moving time again. I spent the day cancelling our utilities, setting up the mail forwarding, looking over moving info-we have to check EVERYTHING for some crazy moth that they don't want to infest the west. Can I just say that I am sick of this?? At least we are going somewhere where we won't move again for a while...a long while. And we will be close to family again, but in the meantime the moving stuff stinks!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

LOVE Grandma & Grandpa

We made a Dairy Queen run last night for FHE in honor of Grandma Dyer. The most thoughtful Grandmaever! Starting my freshman year at BYU she sent money to me for almost every holiday, in a sweet little card. At first it always said to take my sweetheart out to Dairy Queen , then it was to take Dave & I out to DQ for a date and then it was to take the kids out for ice cream. She always wrote sweet letters and signed love Grandma & Grandpa. Even living away the last 6 years she always made me feel like I was a part of the great Dyer clan. She did that for all of her grandchildren who were out of high school-all all 18 million of us! I miss her letters, and her soft kisses. We all got our favorite DQ treats and talked about Grandma Raquel who is up in heaven and how we are going to see her again someday. All in all a great FHE. Love you grandma!

Attention Attention

So looking back through my previous posts, I realized that I haven't said much about my sweet Savannah. And that is exactly the reason-she is so sweet, so quiet. She isn't sassy and spunky like Bella or a little high maintenance like David, and so isn't getting as much attention on the blog yet. So here is a little about Savannah:
Savannah loves getting hugs & kisses, reading, dancing & playing outside. She is an awesome climber spending hours in our tree and is a very conscientious friend. She is always looking out for the needs of others-taking care of sister, baby & brother. She is also our resident artist-and is very gifted at drawing. She would draw or craft for hours and hours and her favorite thing to do is go to Michaels and look for art projects.
Savannah in her German dress-which she loves & would wear every Sunday. She wanted a country dress rather than a dirndl because it had pretty Edelweiss buttons and was her signature color PINK!
Swinging in our tree-skirt and all!!
In other news, the little man is turning into a smiley little one. He smiles with his whole face which I LOVE! Here are some shots of him the last few days-he is 2 months old!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Busy Bees

We had a busy busy week this week. I've gone back to the gym every day and Isabella is so happy to be back at "the zone" which is what they call the little kid area they take the bigger kids to to play. Benjamin has been enjoying his little naptime at the gym too. We have really loved this gym, they have such a great playland for kids and lots of activities for them every day-they don't just sit in the playland, they are actually doing activities and exercising just like the parents.

Tuesday was the blue & gold banquet for cub scouts at our ward. David was awarded his Bear badge, which he worked really hard to get.
Wednesday was David's 9th birthday. And also a nature class for Bella at the nature center....we went to the gym, the nature class, dunkin donuts to bring donuts to David's class at lunch (I know I know, cupcakes are traditional but we were trying to be DIFFERENT)...home to frost the alien cake, then when the kids got home at 3 we ran to Pietros to get a pizza for dinner. Dave got off early to be home and open presents and then it was a playstation fest. Our son was in HEAVEN-until he found out that his very own game system does not mean he can play whenever he wants. He still has to follow mom's lame rule of only 1/2 hour after school and 1 hour on weekends. Sometimes mom's just suck the fun out of life!! All he wanted was a green alien cake so here is my version of his description-BTW the chocolate bars were YUMMY!
Thursday & Friday were grocery & errand day...and this is what the little boo did while I was busy trying to catch up on the checkbook balancing act...actually this picture was from a couple days ago, but she has been sneaking into my makeup a lot lately. She comes downstairs and says "aren't I beautiful"...Bella did you get into my makeup?, I don't care!
Today the little man turns 2 months old...what a sweetheart. Part of me feels so bad because he spends so much time in his little carseat. Way more than with the other kids, especially the oldest two, because we are just busier and on the go more. But he does get a lot of love, from all of us. He is such a sweet, good natured baby. Last night we were getting ready for family prayers and the little man was crying...bella comes up to him and says "blah blah blah I don't speak baby!" What a hoot! She loves him so much, sometimes a little too much for his taste-hair in the face is not his favorite thing.