Sunday, September 28, 2008

I don't mean to brag but...

This cutie pie is now SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT! He goes to bed around 9 and wakes up at 5 or even 6. Yes, that's right-mom is now filled with amazing bursts of energy. It's been a LONG and wonderful year, but this is one milestone that I LOVE! And now we do the happy dance.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I don't believe in that cold fusion mumbo jumbo...

I just put that title in so my sister could get a laugh but it actually has nothing to do with the post I wanted to write. Just one of my favorite movie lines.

My friend does a fun thing called 10 on Tuesday, 10 random things about her day. I thought that was a really fun thing to do and a great idea. This is supposed to be a journal and most of the things we do are not super exciting, but still constitute the joy of our every day life. So of course I am going to copy her idea. But I didn't want to wait until next Tuesday to start so since it is Thursday, I thought I could do 30 on Thursday or 3 on Thursday so I am going with 3 on Thursday (and I know you readers are giving a giant sigh of relief).

1. Alone time with Savannah is precious. Thursdays Savannah goes to a special program called EXCEL...well today was her first day this morning we got to spend some alone time walking to the bus, early. Early for me. The last 2 school districts they have been in I haven't had to walk them so I usually stay in my jammies until all the kids are gone and I can spend time getting myself fixed up cute. So I left the littles at home with David (just around the corner mind you) and walked in the glorious-after rain fresh air with a sweet sweet little girl. Who was a little nervous about riding a big bus with kids she didn't really know, without older brother there holding her hand. I have set a goal to take each of my kids on a one-on-one date every month because I feel like I need to enjoy them more.
Savannah practicing Ballet at the Paris Operahouse
2. Jellie Bellies taste really yummy if you've had a difficult morning. Isabella was in one of her moods. She is our very passionate, very headstrong little girl. And by headstrong-I mean literally headbutting me this morning to get her way. Soooo I had a bit of a freak out moment. Both of us in tears as I tried to explain that mommy really needed to get some work done without her headbutting me & Benj. So afterwards, we went to Safeway to buy a little treat. Mommies need treats too you know.

3. Dinner was delicious-bruschetta chicken-so easy, a must try recipe. Yummy, filling, smelling good in the kitchen while it bakes. Delicious! There is nothing like a clean kitchen & warm food smells coming from the oven to remind you to count your blessings.

PS. Going through my photos to add to my digital photo frame...oldies but goodies today:

This wonderful country is where my baby brother is a district leader...we loved Luxembourg, the walls are a fortress that surround the whole city-it is awesome!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What a BEAUTIFUL day

Dave & Bella kissing in Waterloo

It's raining here, finally. Did I ever mention that I LOVE the rain? I guess I am a true Western Washantonian...but it is true, I do love it, the smell, the gray cloudy skies, listening to it patter on the window. And since it is raining, and rain means warm quilts, hot chocolate (not from starbucks alas since it is Sunday after all) and reading & thinking I thought I would share 5 things I am thankful for today. Which is something I was thinking about while sipping hot chocolate, under a blanket, listening to the rain (come on doesn't that sound heavenly??)

1. Healthy kids-my kids although battling colds has been our MO for the last month are really very healthy. No allergies, no history of illness. It seems like they get the flu about every time we move to a new area, but the next year do okay. But all in all they are really healthy kids, and I am so grateful for that blessing.

2. My husband, who always calls me his sweetheart, even in the flyer he had printed up to give to patients it states...dr. dave keller blah blah blah, educated at blah blah blah, hobbies include blah blah and at the very end (because all important things are at the end) spending time with his four children and his *sweetheart* Rachel.

3. Snuggling babies, although I probably won't be thankful for this at 2 in the morning when Benj wants to snuggle after he's been fed and I just want to go to sleep with no babies in my arms. But truly today I am grateful that he is so cuddly because that stage doesn't last forever. Unless your name happens to be Savannah Keller, then it probably will last forever.

4. Music-where would the world be without it. I love music of all kinds, and always have to have music on and right now the music of choice is Christmas music. It is like therapy for me, turn on Christmas music and I am in heaven. Especially in the fall when the chill is in the air and you know the holidays are right around the corner.

5. Good teachers-we have a great Sunday school teacher at church, who even puts out lessons on the web for those who do not make it to class. He goes the extra mile, is always smiling, and is very patient with the ladies who have a million questions or go off on really wierd tangents. (one of whom BTW is Tanya Harding's mom...for real). Anyway, I am so thankful for all the teachers in my life, those who teach me, have taught me and those who are teaching my kids.

Lastly, are you a woman, are you in need of some extra inspiration...than check out my sister in law Marzee's new blog. She has been wanting to create a blogzine for a while, a place where women can go to be inspired and share things with each other. I think she is off to a rockin start (did I just say rockin?? that totally dates me doesn't it-oh well). Happy Sunday all!

Benjamin, cuddly from day 1...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh My

I have been having so much fun watching the hummingbirds that come and visit our feeder we put on our balcony in July. Every day the kids get excited whenever they see one. I thought, well we have a bird feeder, let's put that one out too and then we can watch hummingbirds and birds.

Who knew I would be so into birds, although I guess it is in my DNA after all my dad loves to have bird feeders and watch what birds come, try to outsmart the squirrels, etc. And when my grandparents were on their mission in Temple Square one of my favorite memories is of visiting their apartment and my grandpa showing off the bird feeders he had hung for them to watch out their windows. He was so excited and we looked where he had hung them and it was on the fence to the family gravesite of the Kimball/Richards families-yep that's right as in the pioneer family graveyard.

Anyway, so we put another bird feeder on the deck and anxiously awaited birds, chickadees, beautiful bluebirds, a few crows...many other birds that I can't identify. All this we can see from the kitchen while I am puttering around or the kids are eating at the bar.

A few days ago the birds got so excited they knocked the poor hummingbird feeder over and it landed in a splat on the ground below. But I was having so much fun watching the other birds I didn't fix it right away.

Today I went out to tell one of the kid's friends it was time to go. They were playing outside, jumping on the trampoline. And I realized that when you have a congregation of birds on your deck...walking on the railing trying to get to your marvelously placed get a lot of bird poop on your railing, and deck and YUCK!

Gone is the bird feeder, I guess I'll have to go to home depot and buy a stand to hang it on, somewhere far far away from my deck and patio furniture. And back will come my little hummingbird feeder, because hummingbirds don't leave visible traces of their presence everywhere, and they are really pretty too!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The daily dose

of fun at the Keller house:

New haircuts for the girls
Callie changed things up & straightened bella's hair while curling Savannah's. Savannah developed wavy hair when we moved to Virginia, which she had never had before. So fun!

Savannah always wants to hold ben, whether he likes it or not!

Ben is learning to are some action shots:

Mom has a camera...

He's got his head down now so he's concentrating...


And last but not gates are good for more than just protecting can also lock your kids in the basement with them!! But only if they are too lazy to figure it out themselves.

Ben is starting to explore a lot. The other day, he crawled away from me while I was working on the computer, got turned around in the kitchen and decided he was lost. He was crying and crying, crawling around trying to find someone, anyone...but we were all in other rooms. Poor baby!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

True Blue

Yes they are nosebleed seats but at least we are in the shade!!

Two of my favorite cougars
Aren't the stadium views gorgous! I love lake Washington

A view of the Medical/Dental center where Dave spent 4 years, and where little David was born. Top floor, 6th window in with a view of the stadium.

28-27 Go Cougs
Exciting from beginning to end
Remembering how much we love Seattle & the U district
A quick visit to Dad Keller
Visiting with Aaron & Hollie who are also BYU blue
Being with Dave all day, no kids (except the littlest little)
A wonderful day!

What's a bum??

Two kids who have bums but are clearly not bums

No this is not going to be a naughty post, but just a story I've been wanting to journal for a while.
To preface, I have to say that so far, my kids were basically raised outside of the US. We moved to Germany when David was 5 & Savannah was 3, so until last year Savannah & Bella had spent more time out of the US than in the US. And before that we lived in the South. In the south & in Europe there aren't really any transients, beggers or homeless people around. I guess I don't really know what the political correct term would be nowdays but when we were growing up we called them bums. Dave & I noticed this after living in the south for a year...there also aren't very many hippies. We think it is because it is too hot there to beg on the side of the road all day long. In Europe the one exception would be Paris, where young girls beg at the Eiffel Tower and a few beggers are in the subway, but they don't look at you they just prostrate themselves on the ground with a cup for coins. Anyway...that is a really long preface to this story but here in the Northwest there are many homeless people begging at the side of the road or on freeway off ramps for money.

So a few weeks after we rolled into town we took the kids to Portland for the day to buy something, I don't really remember what. And as we were driving, getting closer to the freeway there was a homeless man with a sign that read something like this:

Homeless, No food, anything will help.
We carry a few protein bars in the car so Dave hands them to me and I roll down the window and give them to the man. The kids, who are very concerned about us giving away their snacks start protesting and the conversation goes like this:

David: who is that man

Mom: a bum

David: what's a bum

Mom: a homeless person

Dad: you can't call them bums anymore
Mom: what am I supposed to call them...

David: what's a homeless person
Mom: someone who doesn't have a home
David: who took his house away
Mom: no one took his house away sweetie, he just doesn't have anywhere to live
Savannah: ( very concerned) why did you give him our food?

Mom: because he's hungry

Savannah : why is he hungry
Mom: because he has no food
David: why doesn't he go to a hotel, there's free breakfast at the hotel

Savannah: why doesn't he live with his parents-they probably have food

Mom: because he doesn't have money for food or a hotel, and maybe he doesn't have parents
David: why doesn't he get a job then

Mom: I don't know maybe he can't (laughing)
Savannah: where did his parents go...

And the conversation went on for seriously 15 minutes...anyway, we thought it was so funny. Our world traveller kids can't quite grasp the concept of bums.

Back to School

Oh the sadness and excitement of the first day of school. I love having the kids back into a good routine, I love hearing them learn new things and have fun making new friends. But I also always cry a little, knowing they are growing up and that another year will pass too quickly. David is in 4th grade with Mrs. H and Savannah is in 2nd with Mrs. D at Sunset Elem. Isabella started pre-school with Mrs. Caroline. One of my mom's good friends who runs a pre-school 3 days a week.

Isabella had to get her pack ready to go even though she wouldn't leave until the afternoon-she so wants to be as grown up as the other kids.

Savannah posing at the bus stop. They didn't want to wait for me, but I wanted to walk them to the bus the first day. Now they just run out the door every morning, so excited.

David is growing up too fast. Where did my little boy go??

David doesn't even turn around, Savannah gives one last look to mom & the little ones.

Isabella ready to color, her favorite thing to do.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Adieu to summer...

We love the Oregon Coast

To say goodbye to summer the right way we went on a fun Dyer family reunion to Seaside Oregon. I know what you're thinking... I already posted about a Dyer family reunion...but as I explained to my kids: There is the big dyer family, and the little dyer family and this was the first annual little Dyer family reunion. Just my parents, brothers & sister and their families. It was wonderful. We rented a beachhouse in a little town north of Seaside for Labor Day weekend and spent the time enjoying the beach, enjoying each others company, playing games and then...GETTING VIOLENTLY ILL. That's right...violently ill. Poor Dave came down with the worst case of the flu he has ever had since I have known him, that would be 13 years!! He was barfing, sweating with a fever, freezing with the chills. It happened on Monday so we were still able to enjoy the beach for 3 days before heading home a bit early, but I felt so bad for him. Usually I am the one getting sick so he has just been miserable.

But back to our reunion. My brother Scott is getting ready to go to BYU-I this week so it was a fun way to spend time all together before he left. We kept a picture of my brother Travis on the wall, since he couldn't leave his mission and all the responsibilities he has as the district leader for a WHOLE COUNTRY (Luxembourg-one of our favorite countries).

The kids loved playing together, and hardly fought at all. Too many m & m's were eaten by everyone, footballs were thrown, soccer was played and we had a fun time together. David learned to skimboard and loved it, Savannah even tried it with Rebecca a few times before getting in a bad spill and going back to just jumping waves and collecting seashells which (thankfully) did not end up coming home with us to add to our already too large collection. Benj fell in love with sand, and didn't get too much in his mouth. Bella wasn't feeling up to par so she spent most of the time either falling asleep in a chair, or digging in the sand. I love being together, I love the ocean & waves and being with my family so it was a perfect vacation.

And do you know what is better than going to church on vacation and feeling the spirit when you are far away from your own home & congregation? Going to church on vacation and seeing your awesome cousin there with her family, who is also far away from her home ward. Dyers Rock!! Dyer-Madsens do too!!

Ben & Grandma

Bella is not feeling her normal sweet self this weekend

Savannah is really into posing right cute!

Using the cars as a windbreak-awesome-isn't bella's little swimsuit bum cute!!

Dave sleeping off a 4 am night of laughing with Scott-this was pre-illness

It looks like a herd of wild horses went through here...nope just a fun soccer match, you also can't see it well but the kids are skimboarding out there...David is on the left. I couldn't find my camera so all I have are so so phone photos from the weekend...oh well.

Lewisville Park

Our last day trip of the summer was to a great park on the Lewis river. Site of many memories from my picnics, high school cross country meets, walks on the trails...and now an end of summer afternoon. The babies loved crawling in the dirty grass, the kids loved swimming in the cold river and looking for frogs & fish. I loved visiting with my sister. Love those lazy days of summer.

Benjamin & Laurieann aka Benj & Lulu aka, double the trouble

I don't know why my pictures were so blurry...shaking with excitement I guess

Do you love David's hot pink too!

Demi Plie, petit jete, fondu

We had so much fun last week going to Ballet Exposed put on by the Oregon Ballet Theater. They set up a tent in the park blocks of downtown Portland, so we grabbed lunches, my mom & sister. We met my sister's husband downtown and our cousin and her darling girls for a fun afternoon. The girls & even little Hyrum were getting into it watching the dancers practice and practicing moves along with them. Each thing they did was narrated by a member of the OBT and it was so amazing to learn more about ballet, and watch their beautiful graceful movements. They are true athletes-it was really incredible. And did you know the term fondu in ballet literally means to melt your leg, just like melted cheese in yummy fondue.

Isabella is practicing her moves, she of course had to wear a princess dress to the event
And here she is again, imitating the dancers
David thought he would die of boredom, luckily grandma saved him by giving him a Nintendo DS to take with him.

Prima ballerinas...

or just cutie pies...

Barre work

Are you at the statue...we were so confused!